April 26, 2014

Britain: The Face of Shiny Happy Slavery to the State

I love the UK. In fact, I'll be going there once again two weeks from today. I love the history. The cultural variations found all over the island. The people -- who are, in my experience, generous and warm at the personal level.

The British people live in a democracy. Yet, like most of Europe, they are slaves to the state. Many examples of this illustrate the point, but here's an example I saw while skimming the news this morning:

The Electoral Commission has been forced to make an embarrassing apology after allowing an extremist party to use a slogan featuring murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

"The party description 'Remember Lee Rigby' that was registered for use at the European Elections in May by 'Britain First' should never have been permitted.

I'll admit that the slogan is in bad taste. It probably shouldn't be used.

But whenever a political party has to seek permission from the government for its own slogan then we are not headed toward slavery, you're already there.

A happy and content slave with a kind and generous master is still a slave.

This is the model the Left in America would have us follow. Not theoretically. Not is some slippery slope way down the line kind of way. They want this here, now, concretely, in actuality.

Oh, wait, you think all this "the Federal Elections Commission must reign in the Koch brothers" rabble-rousing is just all fun and games?

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