April 26, 2014

Reader Love Mail: Classic Khattab Edition

Remember back in the day when Jawas and Revolution Muslim were all one big happy group of campers?

Subject: You Filthy Neo-Con Twats

Dear Sirs,

I find you repulsive,insipid,and in general just a bunch of Kike
loving, war mongering sphincters. Having stated the apparent,I would
like to commend you for the Milton Friedman post, it was a good find.
I believe in those days when things were made in the USA Milton had
a good case. Since Reagan shipped all industry over seas and things
are made by slaves w/o min wages or workers unions I would disagree
with him at present.Having said this, I hope your new year brings
your troops home and your govt. & liberal corptacrocies out of our

Worst Regards Douchbags,
Yousef al-Khattab
President R.M. Corp.

See, we're all just good pals. Maybe Joey will write us from the joint? Cause I'll miss him.

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