April 14, 2014

Cowboys Win


We at TJR haven't posted on the Bundy Ranch standoff, but we have been keeping a watch on the developments. As most of you already know, the government has backed down. Clive Bundy will keep his cattle. At least, those that survived.

But this dangerous situation wasn't about cattle or endangered desert tortoises. This was something much bigger. It was a shot across the bow in an ultimate confrontation between big government and free citizens. This meme illustrates the absurd claims by the government that the seizure of Bundy's herd was about endangered wildlife:


There is speculation, probably accurate, that Harry Reid is behind this standoff. Reid and his eldest son are in a deal with a Chinese contractor to build a giant solar plant. How will that affect the desert tortoise's habitat? Quite a bit, I would guess.

But it was never about the tortoise.

The tortoise was just an excuse to flex government muscle. What the government didn't expect was American citizens - the militias - to flex back. And that they did, beyond anything modern federal authorities have ever seen in this country.

Hopefully, this confrontation isn't a prelude to something much bigger. If it is, we will each have to decide whether we are willing to sacrifice to collectively defend our individual rights or are content to be mere observers. Either way, we will all be witness to this history in the making.

There's an old Chinese saying, "May you live in interesting times." Interesting is not synonymous with pleasant or safe. It can also have negative meaning. In fact, the Chinese expression quoted is often considered a curse.

We certainly do live in interesting times.

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