April 13, 2014

Islam To Replace Ethics In Norway School (And Other Islamophobe News)

A school in Norway will soon be Muslim only. The curriculum will essentially stay the same, according to officials, with the exception of ethics being replaced with Islam:

The opening of Norway's first Muslim-only school has caused controversy in the Scandinavian country's capital, with anti-immigration activists and politicians expressing their concerns over how the taxpayer-funded move might harm integration in the country. [...]

According to the Local.no, the school is set to "teach its pupils Arabic and Islamic values as well as the standard subjects on the curriculum, replacing the subject of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics with Islam, Religion and Philosophy."

More news:

Undercover video shows halal slaughter is cruel! Who would have thunk it?

A Canadian blogger dons a headscarf to expose racism and Islamophobia. The experiment doesn't go as planned. Here's a hint: It isn't the headscarf, it's the attitude.

In other news, Washington State University has published an online book for journalists clearing up many misconceptions about Islam. For example, did you know:

Most importantly, Islam really is just a religion of peace. Only racist Islamophobes believe otherwise.

These are just a few things journalists (and bloggers) should know about Islam before writing about it. And you can rest assured this guide is totally accurate and unbiased because its sources come from bastions of impartial thought such as The New York Times, the BBC, NPR, and CAIR.

You can read the book yourself HERE. Or download it to read offline HERE.

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