April 07, 2014

Eric Holder Wants To Mandate That Gun Owners Wear Bracelets To Activate Weapons

From The Daily Caller:

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to explore "common sense" gun reforms, like mandating that gun owners would have to wear bracelets before they could activate their firearms.

Holder made his remarks while testifying before a U.S. House of Representatives appropriations committee on Friday. He acknowledged the existence of the Second Amendment, which gives people the unqualified right to own and carry weapons, but nevertheless expressed support for several gun control measures that he described as "common sense reforms," according to The Washington Free Beacon.

If you recall, I posted about the "smart gun" bracelet technology a couple of months ago. Not only are these guns much more expensive, but they are much slower to engage. It takes more than 13 seconds just to activate the bracelet so the gun can be fired - and that is assuming you make no programming errors and the batteries are fresh. Then imagine trying to do that while someone is breaking into your home.

How about this for identifying legal gun owners:


We all know nothing short of total persecution will satisfy gun-control leftists and those who want to see gun owners cower in shame.

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