April 02, 2014

Awesome: Moderate Syrian Rebels "Happy to fight Alongside of al Qaeda" -- Provide Arms

With everything else happening around the world, I tend to forget that there's still a civil war raging in Syria. And our "allies" are fighting alongside al Qaeda. "Happily":

The leader of a Syrian rebel group [Jamal Maarouf} feted as an alternative to the tide of Islamism which dominates most other rebel brigades has said he has no interest in fighting Al Qaeda...

Moreover, Maarouf - who has been forced to flee the front lines in Syria to neighboring Turkey out of fear of assassination by ISIS - says his forces have often fought side-by-side with the Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra), Al Qaeda's official franchise in Syria...

"Itís clear that Iím not fighting against Al Qaeda," Maarouf said. "This is a problem outside of Syriaís border, so itís not our problem. I donít have a problem with anyone who fights against the regime inside Syria."

He goes on to say that not only does he fight side by side with al Qaeda, but that:
Perhaps more worryingly for western state, he admits to having "shared" his arms with Islamist fighters at time

Just. Freaking. Great.

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