March 21, 2014

FGM Comes To London

Up until now, female genital mutilation was performed outside the UK or in illegal clinics. Parents, predominantly Muslim parents, would send their daughters to Islamic countries to have the barbaric procedure performed.

But now the mutilations are being done in National Health Service hospitals, totally funded by UK tax payers:

A doctor has been charged with Female Genital Mutilation at a National Health Service Hospital. Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena is accused of carrying out the mutilation whilst another man, Hasan Mohammed, is alleged to have aided and abetted the crime.

The alleged crime took place at Whittington Hospital, in North London. The hospital is owned and operated by the National Health Service, meaning Dr Dharmasena would have been in receipt of a taxpayer funded salary at the time of the alleged offenses.

It's just a matter of time before the dhimmi UK makes the procedure legal, so as not to offend their Islamic constituents.

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