March 18, 2014

Everything's Comin' up Putin: Chechen Leader Dead

Hi, I'm Dokku Umarov. I'm in hell.

Putin is finally living the dream of sitting around in his underwear all day, eating a block of cheese the size of his head, annexing parts of a neighboring country with no repercussions, and his mortal enemy dead. Seriously, this guy is having a pretty good year so far.

Kavkaz Center:

The Command of the Caucasus Emirate officially announced the martyrdom of the Emir Dokku Abu Usman.

Dokku Abu Usman (Dokku Umarov) went to jihad in 1994, as soon as he learned about the invasion of Chechnya by Russian troops. He gave up his lucrative business in Russia and returned home.

Since then, Dokku Abu Usman was forced to leave Chechnya for several months only once, at the beginning of 2000 due to a severe wound. After treatment, he returned home and continued the Jihad....

In 2007, Dokku Abu Usman raised the banner of monotheism and proclaimed the Caucasus Emirate.

And now, he's dead and in hell. Thanks to Admiral Ackbar.

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