March 16, 2014

Fatwas Fatwas Everywhere

But not a single one for Jawa.

Here is the so called offensive tweet.

Haram and/or offensive to Muslims.

While tweets of the heads of Syrian Muslim Rebels who rebelled against the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi branch of al-Qaeda in Iraq's (ISIS) attempt to rule over Syria.

WARNING: Graphic images below the fold.

Update 03/18/2014: The person posing with the heads below the fold is Dutch jihadi Maar de teksten die K., alias Abudurahman. The heads are claimed to be al_nusra fighters who rebelled against ISIS.

bdurahman, apparently a Dutch jihadi from Almere, can be seen on You Tube with a bloody knife behind five cut-off heads. He is originally from Iraq, and has lived more than ten years in The Netherlands. He lived there off of social security as he was found unfit to work and used drugs against claustrophobia and schizophrenia.

In 2012 an AFP picture emerged on which Abdurahman could be seen next to a dead body, while he was reading the Koran. Initially he joined the Jabhat-al Nusra movement in Syria, which is linked to Al Qaida. It seems that he has now moved to the even more barbarian ISIS jihadis

Hearing voices?

Batshit Homicidal Crazy?

*The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria wants you!

*Sorry about ruining your breakfast dude. Truth has a way of doing that. I'm sure the major networks have nice sanitized breakfast friendly news for you.

Is Halal or not offensive to Muslims and is permitted by the silent and complicit Twitter, who might, you know, get a Fatwa for banning butchery and murder.

If you don't get why they murder of Muslims at the hands of other Muslims doesn't cause outrage, join the club.

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