March 14, 2014

Spain Arrests 4, Morocco 3 in Large-Scale Jihadi Recruitment Cell

It's being called the most active and largest terror cell in Europe. The suspects come from all over, including Belgium and France. Their crime? Recruiting fodder for the killing fields in Syria (but also Mali). I think you all know my new position on this: let them go and die, save the arrests for when they come home:

"It has been a very big operation that has dismantled an international cell, without doubt the biggest and most active in Spain and one of the biggest and most active currently in Europe," Spain's Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz told a news conference.

Security forces arrested four of the suspects in Spain, including the head of the network, and another three in Morocco, in what his ministry called a "hard blow" against extremist killers and kidnappers.

Security forces seized the suspected leader of the ring, Mustafa Maya Amaya, a Belgian naturalised in Spain, as well as two French suspects he is thought to have recruited to send to Syria, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Amaya is suspected of recruiting volunteers on the Internet and sending them to join "terrorist organisations" in countries including Syria and Mali, it said.

Actually, after reading further into the story, it looks like at least some of these guys had already been battle hardened and returned from the jihad fields. So I guess I'm ok with these guys getting arrested. But as long as these a-holes are volunteering for an almost certain death, and in the process just might kill a few other a-holes in Hezbollah, why not let them go?

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