March 13, 2014

Book Review: Israel Strikes

Israelstrikes.jpgOne of the privileges of being a high powered blogger is that people are constantly sending me freebies (or trying). Mostly, I just turn them down. If I'm interested in your book I'll pay for the dang thing! If I accept a freebie and I don't say anything about it, chances are I didn't think much of it. Or at least, it was nothing I thought worth mentioning. It doesn't mean I hate your book, it just means, I dunno, I gave it a meh. Or meant to write something and then got all ADD and forgot about it.

At other times people buy ads in the sidebar and I just ignore them. A few months ago, though, I saw this book being advertised called Israel Strikes by William Strook and it seemed interesting so I bought it. That means I paid cold hard cash for it, just like the rest of you, so if you think my (short) review is biased by some kind of financial incentive then screw you guys, I'm going home.

Here's what I thought about it: Loved it!

So go buy the book. Now. It's only $2.99 on kindle. That's cheaper than a Big Mac and much more satisfying.

Synopsis: Israel bombs the hell out of everyone you and I think need to be bombed the hell out of. Lots of twists and turns. Bad people die, liberals whine, the reader comes away satisfied.

I'd say it's a kind of mini-version of Tom Clancy's World War III epic novel Red Storm Rising. But instead of the US vs the Soviets this is Israel vs. Iran & Hezbollah. It has that same multi-person point of view narrative that Clancy often employs, but maybe not as much technical detail (although there were a few times I found myself Googling this or that piece of military hardware). I especially like the Saudis role in the whole affair.

So, there it is. It's a pretty good read. It sat on my Kindle for a few months and I forgot I had bought it, but a couple of weeks ago I had a long flight and remembered it was on there and then couldn't put it down until I was through.

Any other good reads out there? Recommendations?

UPDATE: Oops, that should have been WWIII not WWII, obviously

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