March 12, 2014

Muslims Ban Upcoming Mega-Flop "Noah"

Meh, does this even bother anybody anymore?

One of the world's most respected Islamic institutions has issued a fatwa against a Hollywood epic about Noah's Ark because it 'contradicts the teachings of Islam'.
Russell Crowe's 75million film Noah has also been banned in three Arab countries after religious leaders complained that it depicted the Biblical figure - who is also a holy messenger in the Koran.
Due to premiere later this month, the blockbuster will not show in Qatar, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates and several other countries are expected to follow suit.
This kind of censorship happens every day in the Islamic world and yet I'm told that the real villains are the Koch brothers.

If I might bastardize a phrase from So I Married an Ax Murderer:Hey Jane, get me off this crazy thing called .... Earth.


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