March 06, 2014

Good News: Chechen Jihadists Rule Emoticons OK -- Bad News: Women Not Allowed to Use Emoticons


Whew, for awhile there I was worried Allah was going to damn me to hellfire for all the smiley faces I use on Facebook. But I can relax now as the terrorists better known for their recent threats on the Sochi Olympics say emoticons are ok because, "they do not contain parts of the face such as eyes, mouth, nose, and no head or ears" and that the, "majority of jurists believe that if part of the image will be removed, without which it ceases to be alive, such images are not haram."

However, there is some bad news for lady Jawa readers. Apparently you're not allowed to use them:

A woman should not use these images with no mahram men [ie, men other than blood relatives], because so it shows his feelings, ie, she laughs, smiles, embarrassed, etc. and it is not permissible to fellowship with other men.
Alas, Y-Not, Laura, and Bubbe are going to have to go elsewhere to get their emoticon based flirtation on.

Thanks to @IntelTweet

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