March 06, 2014

More Totally 100% Random Acts of Violenc

In our never ending quest to identify some sort of trend or pattern, we once again came up empty.

West Youkshire coffee shop patron threatens, "I will cut ur neck."

A man threatened coffee shop staff after being challenged over his loud expletive-filled conversation.

Mohammed Asif warned one worker at Costa Coffee on Leeds Road that he would slit his throat as he tried to prevent him from entering again.

After grabbing his crotch and making thrusting motions at an Asian girl Asif was arrested. Ironically Asif complains that his arrest will interfere with his plans to, "Provide for my daughter."


ISIS implements Sharia in Syria.

Saudi-style religious police now patrol the area of Syria controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). A picture of a minivan belonging to the terrorist group's religious police was posted Monday on a Twitter account called "Al Dawala al-Islamiya."

Arabic script saying "al-Hisba" was visible on the vehicle. The name is used by a newly established committee in Syria. It exists to enforce the group's rigid interpretation of Islamic law.

Another Twitter account belonging to an al-Qaida supporter said the minivan came from Raqqa, a Syrian city controlled by ISIS.

"This al-Hisba car urges praying and promoting virtue, and the prevention of vice. You will die from your rage. You enemies of sharia," the supporter wrote.

Our rage? I mean our rage? Of course, its because of our rage. How silly of me.

World's most rejected Jihadi to continue Jihad of rejection.

The failed fighter who has been turned away so many times has finally found his place. I dont want to get out of prison, he told his prosecuting magistrate in 2011. I feel good here. Im learning about my religion. If I got out today, Id be lost.
Not to mention all the cornholing. But knowing the Fwench the'll oppress him further by releasing him from prison.

Libya blames Youtube video for Benghazi attack. No Wait!

Benghazi In a first-of-its-type statement, interim Libyan Culture Minister Habib al-Amin on Friday (February 28th) said "radical Islamists" were behind the Benghazi assassinations.

"I hope others will be as direct and clear with Libyans, but what's happening now in Benghazi is the growth of extremist Islamist groups' influence," al-Amin said in a talk show on Libya Al Ahrar TV.

"Add to them other criminals who benefited from unstable security and managed to engage in their acts, which are related to kidnappings, looting and killings for criminal motives," he continued.

I'm sure Susan Rice can set this guy strait, I mean its almost as if he's blaming Islamic terrorists. I just can't fathom that. Where is the evidence?

Good News! Assad still winning! Jihadi still dying.

But surely the cause of this so called war must have been those pesky Mormons. But its not clear enough to establish a trend. After all Mormons are mostly peaceful.

Muslims Behead Christian Then Thrust Crucifix into His Heart.

Look squirrel!

Moderation in Pakistan.

Its kinder, its gentler, Its Suna but not Suna or Sunna as in Islam. Suna as in like a Sauna. Where a girl can just relax and be healthy. Really.

Totally unjustified paranoia. Totally 100% unjustified.

US counter-terrorism officials are involved in a frantic search for a friend of the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after she failed to return from Chechnya.
She's probably just went out for milk and cookies, yeah that's it milk and cookies.

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