March 04, 2014

Where, Oh Where Did The Muslimah Go? Oh Where Can She Be?

Boston bomber's (alleged, lol) girlfriend travels to Chechnya. Stays.

US counter-terrorism officials are involved in a frantic search for a friend of the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after she failed to return from Chechnya last year and has now posted 'alarming' pictures online of women in head-scarfs dressed as jihadi soldiers. Terrorist experts have become concerned that Heda Umarova, 23, may have become radicalized to commit Islamist violence and poses a threat to Americans at home and abroad because her US passport allows her relatively easy foreign travel.

Let's file this under: No Shit, Really?

Is there nothing that can be done about passport? Revoke her privilege to re-enter this country and let her take her chances with the Spetznaz. When they're done conquering Crimea, of course.

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