March 04, 2014

Somali Muslimas Come Out in Favor of Kinder Gentler Female Genital Mutilation

Moderation in Somalia..

Somalia (AP) - The 30 Somali teenagers - both boys and girls - all agreed: Female genital mutilation is harmful and the practice should be abandoned. But what they really meant, they revealed moments later, is that girls should have their genitalia cut - just not sewn shut.

"It's our tradition and if the girls are not subjected to suna(cutting) she will not be accepted for marriage," said Asthma Ibrahim Jabril, 17.

The students, who are part of an afterschool club in Somaliland which the U.N. children's agency helps fund, discuss issues like child labor, early marriage, and female genital mutilation in a classroom with several large hearts scrawled along the walls.

Of course Islamists will tell you that female genital mutilation is not part of Islam, its not in the Koran.

Which is true, they call it Suna in Somalia, as in The Sunna, the traditions of Muhammad and his companions, as such it becomes an Islamic practice.

Still its not in the Koran which is how they sucker westerners.

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