March 03, 2014

Surenos Gangbangers in .... Syria? (UPDATED)

This is pretty surreal. What the hell are two gang-bangers doing in Syria fighting for Hezbollah? One of the guy says he's Armenian the other guy says he's Surenos which would make him, what, Mexican?

What the hell?

UPDATE: Thanks to Birbal Dhar, here's a video of these guys posted last year which is straight gang banger. Growing up in LA it's hard for me to put Armenians into the category of gang bangers. All the Armenians I've ever known were straight out of the immigrants make good category -- recent immigrants who quickly became middle class.

But looking at some of the symbols these guys are sporting, it's interesting to note that they use Cyrillic script which Armenians don't do (they have their own alphabet which is neither Latin nor Cyrillic) . So I can't help but wonder if there's aren't ties to the Russian mafia here? Now when I lived in Moscow if you asked who the criminals were they would tell you Armenians, Georgians, Chechens, and generally any one from the Caucuses who would generally be described with an adjective meaning "dirty".

Of course that was never my experience, especially growing up in LA but maybe there's this other element out there I just don't know much about. Also, there's some speculation in the comments by Birbal and MtB that they could be jailhouse converts or maybe they just see the Syrian government as more sympathetic to the Armenian minority there?

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