March 01, 2014

al-Qaeda's Grand Strategy

Its worth noting that many Jawa readers are well aware of al-Qaeda's strategy.

Mary Habeck is a Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She has been an Associate Professor of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins-SAIS and taught for 11 years in the Yale University History Department. She served on the National Security Council 2008-2009. A member of the Editorial Board of FPRIs quarterly journal Orbis, she is also now a Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

This essay is a revised version of the 17th Annual Templeton Lecture on Religion and World Affairs that she delivered in Philadelphia on October 3, 2013. For previous lectures in this series, visit: event-lecture-series/templeton [2]

Defining what precisely is meant by grand strategy and how al Qaeda, in particular, views grand strategy is vital for our national security. In fact, grand strategy is intertwined with every policy debate over al Qaeda that is currently ongoing in Washington, D.C.

The questions of what is al Qaeda, and who is al Qaeda have been debated since 2001. More recently, questions have arisen about affiliates and what is their relationship with al Qaeda. Is there any command and control between al Qaeda and its affiliates? What is the proper way to deal with these groups? And can we actually win against them? This talk will seek to add to this debate by offering answers to the questions of what al Qaeda is and what the group hopes to achieve.

The key to winning is not all out war against al-Qaeda. Its measured yet damaging responses to al-Qeada while preserving our financial ability and political will to fight. For instance a long war in Afghanistan or Iraq could be replace by the kick the shit out of them and leave while they're down strategy. Or even the troll them into killing each other strategy.

In the nation building strategy all they have to do is exist to win, and they get to train against the best and over time gain way too much support.

al-Qaeda attacks us in hopes that later we'll be too financially drained from insurgent conflicts to interfere when they make later moves to control territory in the Mideast or other Islamic nations.

The problem they're having is both that we're still around and also once they get control of an area, the people, mostly really Muslim people find out that they really hate living under their very strict and radical so called Caliphate.

*Anyway its a very good read and overview of al-Qaeda's grand strategy to rule the world.

*Hey just can't most boobies all the time, I need to post more cerebral stuff now and then, don't I?

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