February 28, 2014

Sandcrawler PSA: Muslims Not Responsible For All Evil in The World

There's this meme going around about a crucified dog.


The problem is this is not a Muslim nor is it a result of Islamic ideology as claimed in the meme. Its from Mexico. Apparently posted to Facebook some time ago then used in this Meme in a libelous fashion against Islam.

There are plenty of authentic things in Islamic Ideology that are valid targets for criticism by western standards. For instance maybe these Sunni al-Qaeda extremists chopping off this person's hand for alleged theft.


Maybe even say Shia Iran executing people for being gay or apostasy.


Or maybe Sunnis blowing up Shiite Muslims for being the wrong kind of Muslims.

I don't really feel too bad about questioning this recent image from Syria, its been described as incredible and on PBS last night "unbelievable". I could not quite swallow the scale of it either, so I kept going till I could settle the issue of the image's authenticity for myself.

I'd rather find out I was wrong than be ignorant. Just my own personal preference.

Its a shame that its come to this. My hope for blogs was that it would allow us to cut through the fog of the mainstream chatter and create a new more accurate sense of reality. A place where we can find the accurate unfiltered information the MSM won't tell or show us. Free from the spin and political correctness that pervades our media.

Misleading memes like the one above is not what I had in mind.

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