February 27, 2014

Shocking News! Arabs Hate Americans

One would think that the vast majority of Arabs are also Muslims. But I don't want to hurt their sensitive feelings by mentioning that. After all Islam is a Religion of Peas, no?

A new Pew Research Center survey showed that people living under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas dislike the U.S. more than any other group, with 76% of respondents, the most on the list, qualifying America as an “enemy.”

Alternatively, In Israel, 90% of respondents qualified the U.S. as a “partner,” putting the Jewish state at the top spot on the pro-America list. Just 1% of Israelis view the U.S. as an “enemy.”

Following the “Palestinian Territories” on the “enemy” list are Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon and Venezuela; following Israel on the “partner” list are El Salvador, Senegal, the Philippines and Kenya.

Arabs hating Americans? Duh!

Ahh, but the survey that would be really interesting is what other Arabs think of Palestinians?

I noticed neither Assad's regime nor the Muj seem too excited about feeding the Palestinians in Yarmouk? What's up with that?

Hat Tip: Mean Kitteh.

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