February 26, 2014

1K Words on the Syrian Civil War (Bumped for Pallywood Shenanigans?)

We're actually not too bad at picking these, well some are obvious.

Syrians waiting for aid at
UNRWA humanitarian distribution, Yarmouk Camp, Damascus. 2014

Here's the original via Nic at CNN.

The tweet is of an incredible image, it is incredible. But so far it appears legit.

Update: We're calling shenanigans on this, you know Hezbollah Green Helmet Guy type of shenanigans.

It's a faked/composite picture. If you look at the edge of the jacket of the guy centre frame (go to the larger tweeted file) wearing the white baseball cap back to front, you will see the poor cutout work. Also note that people that visually appear to be the same distance from the camera are at different scale.

Thanks to The Realist of Qld

I'm sure there are more, knock yourselves out kids.


Update: Here is a Yahoo Video on the same story.

Here is a screen grab from that video.


Note the upper left of the shot, here is an enlarged version.


Now here is the same area in the crowd image. Note the matching area. The artifacts in this section are numerous, the flags are removed, there are outlines around the vertical pole with a dark area underneath. The missing Palestinian flags.

click for larger

You can also see the layering of the crowd in the original image. So why question the image ? One commenter suggests that questioning this image means I must believe there is no crisis among Palestinians in Syria?

Now, by calling this photo "shenanigans" without further commentary, are you saying there's no humanitarian crisis in the Yarmouk camp? Or are you just trying to get your readers to dismiss the problem in the camp?
That's a nice straw man you built there. If I say the pic is "enhanced" then the conclusion is there is no crisis? That's silly, Syria is one big crisis.

We'll spend countless words, posts and news stories on "Were the asses on the SI Swimsuit cover photoshopped?" because it fits the feminist narrative that it damages girls who try to achieve an unachievable false image.

But when it comes to a really serious issue like this, when the image has been presented by the media as authentic, questioning the accuracy of a photo the press describes as "incredible" is wrong?

Incredible indeed. Incredible in the sense that its not very credible.

As for the makers, well its from the Syrian regime so probably Hezbollah. Iran's standard operation. Iran's propaganda wing is in full swing lately, publishing outright lies and half truths.

If we are to make judgments about what to do with Syria then we need accurate information, this is not an accurate representation of reality, its tragedy marketing just the same as marketing the asses of those girls on the SI cover to sell swimsuits.

Its OK to do that, but people need to be skeptical and aware that they are being marketed to. This is presented as "real". If it were it would be pulitzer prize material, but its only semi-real. Truthy if you will.

I for one would prefer a more accurate representation UNRWA aid distribution in Yarmouk. I would also like to question why these Palestinians, after 40 years of being in Syria, are not by now Syrians? Is it because they are mostly Sunni and Assad's regime refused to give them a permanent home and dignity? But I digress.

I'm not going to take an incredible Pallywood doctored image at face value just because the news media presents it as reality. It is a collage, a work of art, a commercial for Palestinian suffering, but not an accurate representation of the crowd at Yarmouk that day.

There was a significant crowd, there is suffering, a crisis. But I guess the real images just weren't quite good enough, they had to come up with something groundbreaking. Something to really catch the eye. So that's what they did.

The shame is that if you read the comments on the Yahoo story, the number of people who just look at it, then go off on an emotional tangent discussing the tragedy, blissfully unaware of the Pallywood nature of the image.

The image is indeed, incredible. It seems beyond reality because it is.

Update: Large high resolution source image here.

Update: Here is some video from the scene from AFP. At 11 seconds you can see the people in the background from the image above. It seems to confirm the presence of the very large crowd in the image. Maybe not to the extent to explain some of the strange artifacts in the pic, especially the tiny woman next to fire jacket guy, But indeed the crowd is pretty surreal.

AFP copy here

Thanks to B'emet Or.

If anyone has more evidence supporting or detracting from the image, I'll run it. Because that's the purpose of this post is to determine for ourselves what this image means.

And also this plate full of crow is delicious.

Updated again: This report says that these people claim that the reason they are in such dire straits is because the Assad regime will not left them leave Yarmouk. The roads are blocked. So they are trapped. Since they are mainly Sunnis the regime may fear that those allowed to leave will join FSA or another rebel group.

There are two videos mentioned in the report appear to be genuine. Other vids with interviews all seem to be tainted with regime views of the rebels, accusing them of being well fed but not helping the Palis. An Iranian slant.

Here is the first.

The article mentions a woman saying, "Open the road and we will leave and find food and water." Its probably this older video although its translated it seems less slanted than other PressTV reports.


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