February 25, 2014

Venezuelan Economy is Doing Very Well

If you don't count the empty shelves, capital flight, and runaway inflation.

A writer at Al Jazeera, Belen Fernandez, denounced the recent appearance of the “elite right-wing Caracas blogger Emiliana Duarte” on the Qatari network, blasting her for “launch[ing] into a sob story about having to visit 10 different supermarkets the previous year during a quest to bake a cake.” Duarte was merely cataloging the massive shortages of basic goods (rice, milk, toilet paper) that have crippled Venezuela in recent years, not engaging in a bourgeois, fascist bakeoff.
Its pretty funny to see American neo-commies stutter all over themselves to hide the shortages and political oppression of their star western communist regime where there is a shortage of everything but bullets.

I guess they thought that this time communism really would work.


Hat Tip: Some totally gorgeous, yet smart and talented, redhead.

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