February 24, 2014

Fatwa Forbidden For Kuffar Brunei

Brunei bans Kuffar from using 16 Islamic words.

As Sharia descends upon Brunei, non-Muslims are also forbidden to drink alcohol in public or be in close proximity to a Muslim partner. The banned word list is probably an attempt to forestall criticism of Islam, which is also forbidden to non-Muslims in Islamic law. In the West, the mainstream media has already voluntarily adopted this Sharia provision, even without a banned word list.

“19 Islamic words banned for non-Muslims in Brunei,” from The Sun Daily, February 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

They are azan; baitullah; Al Quran; Allah; fatwa; Firman Allah; hadith; haji; hukum syara’; ilahi; Ka’bah; kalimah al syahadah; kiblat; masjid; imam; mufti; mu’min; solat; and wali.
Fatwa? Fatwa? Fatwa?

Oh and Ka’bah, that's the big giant cube idol with the cylon vagina inside that all the Muslims bow to and worship five times a day.


Since we can't say Fatwa, can I get a religious ruling saying that I must face death for insulting the great Cylon Vagina Cult?

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