February 22, 2014

Advice to Dutch: Let them go to Syria

The benefits of jihad in Syria are many fold. First, the bad guys are somewhere else. You'd think this one would be obvious. Second, they're fighting a regime that needs to be fought. The only thing better than having an ally by your side in a fight? Letting two enemies fight instead. Last, they're probably going to die. One more dead jihadi, one less potential domestic terrorist, and in the process he takes out a member of Hezbollah? It's kind of a no brainer:

At least 10 young Dutch citizens suspected of wanting to become jihadist fighters in Syria's deadly conflict have been refused passports over the "last months", the government's anti-terror organization said on Friday.

"It is a very effective way to prevent them from leaving," Jochgem van Opstal, spokesman for the National Anti-Terror and Safety Coordinator (NCTV) agency told Agence France Presse.

The NCTV's announcement comes amid increased worries by Dutch authorities about young citizens leaving to join the jihad, or holy war in Syria.

More than 100 young Dutch citizens have so-far traveled to Syria to fight against President Bashar Assad's forces in the near three-year conflict in which 140,000 people have now died, according to NGO figures.

The counter argument here is that if they return, they are even more radical and now know a thing or two about fighting. Ok, I'll grant you that. But most of them don't come home. Also, if you make it a crime to fight in Syria you can arrest them as they get off the plane.

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