February 21, 2014

Like Buddy Holly & The Big Bopper, Founder of Libyan Islamic Group Meets With "Terrible" Accident

A plane carrying a founder of al-Qeada and the extremist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is rumored to have been on what's left of this plane.

Founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Meftah Daouedi member alias Abu Abd El Ghafar died in the plane crash in Libya Grombalia February 21, 2014.

Meftah Daouedi is an official in charge of the martyrs, wounded and missing and Chairman of the Military Council. He was imprisoned in Bouslim after being involved with Al Qaeda responsible for terrorist operations and attacks of groups resulted in deaths.

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Abu Abd El Ghafar is one of the main founders of the fighter group, it was Afghanistan where he founded the Ansar Camp and became emir of the group.

Here is some video from the scene.

The chatter is that a who's who of Ansar al-Sharia leaders were totally lost in the crash.

Apparently the plane was header for Libya but the Libyan ambassador has denied any terrorists were on the plane. Just doctors and some sickly wounded orphans and puppies.

As for the cause of the crash. Freak accident probably, don't you think?


But All the stories on this are in French..... (Le wink wink, Le nod nod)

Last week it was said that an al-Qaeda leader being forced from Iran was headed for Libya. One can only hope he was one of the sickly wounded orphans.

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