February 20, 2014

Taliban Murders 23 POWs, Pakistan Retaliates w/ Air Strikes

I'd say it's on in Pakistan, but we all know it isn't. Pakistan is so messed up -- with one faction of the government supporting the Taliban, while other factions of the government oppose the Taliban; but just the "bad" Taliban, and not the "good" Taliban -- that we'll probably read similar news every few months for the next 100 years.

The only real long-term solution here is the end of Pakistan as a nation-state. It's neither a nation or a state, but really a failed idea the being "Muslim" constituted a separate national identity than being "Indian". The sooner that country ceases to exist the sooner the world can move on to better things.


Pakistani fighter jets pounded Taliban hideouts in the country’s northwestern tribal regions in overnight raids into Thursday, and security officials said at least 35 people suspected of being militants, including several foreign fighters, had been killed....

The overnight raids, which started Wednesday night and lasted an hour, were directed at villages in the Mir Ali district of North Waziristan, according to the security official. Those killed included both Pakistani and Uzbek fighters, the official said. However, the claim could not be independently verified.

On Sunday, a Taliban faction said it had killed 23 paramilitary soldiers in captivity, dealing a sharp blow to the already faltering peace talks between the government and militants. The paramilitary soldiers, belonging to the Frontier Corps, had been in captivity since 2010.

Wow, who could have foreseen that peace talks with the Taliban wouldn't work?

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