February 19, 2014

Ukraine On The Edge of Civil War

I've not really followed the protests in Ukraine, but yesterday up to 25 people were killed when the police tried to disperse the crowds, followed by protesters starting fires.

Reports on NPR speculate that if a settlement is not reached a state of civil war is just around the corner.

It seems this is a very serious test of the Post Soviet era for former member states. Many of these republics have fallen into a state of war. In the south Islamist movements are a problem, whereas in the more northern far Eastern European nations like Ukraine the move is for accountable democratic rule rather than the Semi-Democratic Thugocracies that have taken hold.

So the test is if these nations can evolve a peaceful balance between the Russian and European influences.

It's not looking too good.

CNN coverage here. NYTimes coverage here.

Live feeds here and here.

Thanks to Laura who is following closely.

We pray that Ukraine and its people find a way to resolved these issues peacefully and move forward.

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