February 17, 2014

Suicide Bomber Murders 4, Injures 14 on Egyptian Tour Bus

Three of the victims were South Korean Christians trying to see religious sites on the Sinai peninsula:

The bombing of a tourist bus on Sunday in Taba, South Sinai, was caused by a suicide bomber who boarded the bus and detonated the explosion immediately after, said interior ministry spokesperson Hani Abdel-Latif.

Prior to the blast, the bus driver had accompanied two South Korean tourists to the baggage hold. As they returned to the bus, an unknown man followed them inside and the bomb went off immediately, said Abdel-Latif, as reported by Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

The bomber took advantage of the moment when the bus door was open and the driver and the two tourists were returning to their seats, Abdel-Latif added.

The Egyptian government blames 'The Muslim Brotherhood', but it's far more likely that these were Salaafists with al Qaeda sympathies. The government has taken to calling all jihadists "The Muslim Brotherhood" these days.

The area where the attack happened is literally on the border with Israel and various jihadist groups have been active there. The bus was on it's way to Eilat, the sole Israeli town on the Red Sea, which has bee the victim of multiple attacks in the past.

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