February 13, 2014

Leftist Utopia Using Deadly Force Against Student Protesters

Celebrity leftists like Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Susan Sarandon tout Venezuela as a modern, fair society that America should shrive to be like. Those same stars consider America a fascist state for treating OWS protesters with kid gloves for months on end.

Yet, like the cowards they are, these leftists disappear when the dictators they love(via Gateway Pundit) show their true colors:

Eventually I started to get the body count. I looks like the regime used storm troopers to kill 3 protesters although 1 may be a chavista. Dozens of people injured? Things are obscure because the cadena kept going on in La Victoria with a night military parade. I will have to wait more for more hardcore news, but I am leaving you with some interesting stuff. The first one is a video when someone actually gets shot. You need to pay close attention and maybe look at it twice. But you will be sensible to the extensive shots, totally overdone if coming from security forces as students/protesters where running away. [...]

Today we saw all the hallmarks of repression from a dictatorship:
- media censorship and closing of whoever had to be closed
- ignorance of the reality as the regime pretends all is fine though an official function (Titanic like orchestra?)
- brutal and disproportionate repression by police and army
- arrests by the dozen
- crimes through pro regime storm troopers
- pictures of assassinated people popping up on twitter

The video:

Update: Three Demonstrators were killed in the incident, Identified as Bassil Da Costa, another known as Juancho and one unidentified person.

A tweet of one of the fallen is below the fold although I don't know the identity of the victim.

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