February 13, 2014

Debunking the DHS Sniper Meme

I saw that link over at Drudge the other day making paranoid claims about the DHS buying hundreds of thousands of "sniper rounds". I even followed the link to the 9/11 Truther sight "Infowars" where some idiot thought the .308 ballistic" Zombie Max" round was scary and I had to chuckle. This is so obviously stupid, I said to myself, that no one will believe it!

Of course, people are not only stupid they are paranoid, so when "news" like this breaks they believe it because they are stupid and it fits right in with their paranoid world view. But Bob Owens debunks the "article" thoroughly here.

Please, if you are stupid and paranoid read this.

Of course, I've just insulted stupid paranoid people so those types are much less likely to read the article now. But I don't care, I feel better after insulting them. It just feels so right.

Thankst to Maetenloch

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