February 11, 2014

"American" Jihadi Accuses al Qaeda affiliate of being spies, mean to other group of al Qaeda

This guy calls himself "Abu Muhammad al-Amreki" and he claims to be a former fighter for the al Qaeda affiliatd al-Nusrah Front. In the video he claims to have left al-Nusrah for the no longer al Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria after al-Nusrah went into this town and massacred a bunch of people and stole their weapons and what not.

Pop some popcorn before watching. It's real inside baseball and filled with mundane details about the dispute, but at least it's the kind of inside baseball that's red-on-red. Seriously, what could be better than one group of fanatical Islamists turning their guns on another group of fanatical Islamists?

Any guess as to where he's from? He claims to have lived in the US for 10 - 11 years, but from the accent it's clear that he's not from here. Russian, maybe?

H/T: @intelwire

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