February 11, 2014

Iran Hangs Poet Hashem Shabani


The Iranian poet Hashem Shaabani was reportedly executed last month as an "enemy of God," according to human rights groups. Shaabani was a founder of the Dialogue Institute, which promoted Arab culture in Iran. In a statement last week, the human rights group Freedom House condemned the execution, saying: "His judicial murder underscores two important trends in Iran: Violent repression of ethnic minorities, of which Shaabani's execution is only one among many examples, remains government policy. And the government's human rights record has not improved under President Rouhani. During the first two weeks of January, some 40 individuals were executed; Iran is believed to be second only to China in the number of executions." Al-Jazeera adds that Shaabani was reportedly hanged along with another man on Jan. 27 and that, "according to BBC Persian, officials from the Ministry of Information informed the condemned men's families that they had been hanged, and they would be subsequently informed on the location of the men's burial site."
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