February 11, 2014

Science! Women Like Men, Feminists Crushed

What sort of science is this that tells us that most women like men, not Marxist lesbians?

Ideologues fetishize intellectual abstractions to the point that real life confuses them. Lori Gottlieb is therefore stunned:
The more traditional the division of labor, meaning the greater the husbandís share of masculine chores compared with feminine ones, the greater his wifeís reported sexual satisfaction.
So says an academic study, at least, and therefore the science is settled. The problem ó maybe Gottlieb doesnít understand this ó is that feminism is an ideology developed by lesbian Marxists who hate men. Feminist ideology is therefore not about improving relationships between men and women; itís about teaching women to hate men, so that all women can become Marxist lesbians.
Remember two hot chicks together are Good Gay.

See figure A:


Unless either of them is a Marxist Feminist then its Bad Gay.

See Figure B.


Any questions?

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