February 11, 2014

Main Threats to Turkey: Jews, Porn and Youtube

Never mind the war in Syria, or Iraq or a plethora of other issues, what really scares the Turks are those tempting Jewesseses.

In the aftermath of the latest bout of protests in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan identified the latest set of conspirators out to sabotage his government: pornographers. The pro-government newspaper the Star published a headline accusing the “porn lobby” of instigating violent protests....


But evidently now that the AKP has come under fire for corruption scandals, a nose-diving currency, a feud with the Gulenist movement, continued popular dissent, a tottering foreign policy, and a war next door, the porn-watching, Lufthansa-flying, interest-rate manipulating Jews have found their opportunity to pounce.

Um Yeah, I can kind of see their point....


I mean, my interest rate just went up for sure.

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