February 10, 2014

Oh! The Insensitivity!

Canadian Imam upset with Canadian MP's Zombie Bin Laden target.

The photo shows Anders, the MP for Calgary West, and Mathieson, who is vying for the federal Conservative nomination in the upcoming Macleod byelection, standing back-to-back with guns in their hands at a Calgary shooting range last weekend.

Behind them is a target depicting a caricature of a bearded Muslim man wearing a turban and torn clothes, with an assault rifle in his hands. A website that sells the same target, ZombieTargets.net, identifies the character as a zombie Osama bin Laden.

Because Bin Laden preached sensitivity and love. Or something.

wahmbulance photo: wahmbulance wahmbulance-1.jpg

If anyone needs me, I'll be surfing ZombieTargets.net. Shutup and take my money!

Thanks to the Zippers.

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