February 10, 2014

Cornhole Watch: Revert Ashraf Islam

He gets three years for planning to kill Prince Harry.

A WHITE Muslim convert who plotted to kill Prince Harry because the Royal had "blood on his hands" was jailed for three years today.

shraf Islam, 31, confessed his plan to kill the Prince the day after Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich.


Belfast-born Islam, formerly known as Mark Townley, walked into Hounslow police station and revealed details of his plan - which he named "Operation Regal."

Today, the judge at Isleworth Crown Court in London described Islam's plot as "vague and unlikely to succeed", but said he presented a risk to the public.

The court heard how Islam suffers from a personality disorder and has no history of violence - but has been before the courts before for dishonesty and attempted robbery.

What an idiot, of course he was given leniency because he "suffers" from teh schtoopid.

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