February 10, 2014

Leak: White House Contemplating Droning Another al Qaeda (who happens to be American)

As you know, this pisses me off when my friends on the Right frame the issue of killing members of al Qaeda abroad who happen to be American citizens as: White House kills (executes, murders) American without due process.

Honestly, it's just stupid and I wish you would quit it. We are targeting members of al Qaeda. The fact that some of them are American is just coincidental.

What other options do we have? Drop a subpoena on a compound in Pakistan's tribal regions?

You'd expect people on the Left to use this argument, but on the Right? I don't care if you are a libertarian -- I am a small "l" libertarian. But there are no civil liberties in war. None. If I have the right to kill you and the right to life is the highest of our ordered liberties then there is nothing else I can do to you which even comes close. When you're dodging bullets due process is way down on the priority list.

Anyway, Ed over at Hot Air has all the bases covered on this one. The news isn't that detailed, only that there is an American somewhere in the world who is a member of al Qaeda that the White House is contemplating droning. Good for them. Moar drones puhlease!

You want to know what else pisses me off? There are only a dozen or less American members of al Qaeda abroad. So, this leak just tipped them off that they just got put on the drone list.

Hey, thanks CNN for the warning. You're a bunch of real patriots.

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