February 07, 2014

Syrian Rebels Pretty Scared of Assad Regime
But ISIS Really Scares Them Sh*tless

Its Ironic, no? That Syrian Rebels are now fleeing the brutality not of Bashar al-Assad, but of the al-Qaeda and Taliban type groups known as ISIS and al-Nusra. Who they say are even more brutal and repressive than Assad's regime they started with.

In the last three years, rebels fighting President Bashar Assad have taken control of swaths of northern Syria. In some areas, local councils were set up. Activists hoped for a freer future. But renegade jihadists, linked to al-Qaida, have stormed into these "liberated areas" and attacked activists who launched the uprising against Assad's regime.
More details on the Syrian Jihad train wreck here.

Hat Tip: Mechzilla.

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