February 07, 2014

Taliban Release Video of Captured Infidel American British Soldier Dog (UPDATED)

UPDATE 2/07/2014: It looks like the dog is British. But it's still an infidel. We pray for its release. Also, if we do manage to get it back a good vet should check for STDs and post-rape trauma.

Thanks to Birbal Dhar for clarifying that. I actually saw the video at the Taliban's Facebook page so didn't see the news reports until later. Yes, the Taliban have a Facebook page.

--------------- Begin original 2/06/2014 post ------

Actually, I was being literal in the headline. And as funny as it is that these guys are so proud that they were able to kidnap this dog that they actually made a propaganda video about it screaming "Allahu akhbar!", I still feel kind of sorry for the dog.

I'm going to file this post under 'Hostages'. This dog was a soldier, brave and true.

Let's pray the Taliban treat this dog better than they do their human hostages. I kind of doubt it, though. I take solace in the fact that all dogs go to heaven.

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