February 05, 2014

White House Spokesman: 'Freedom' Is Just A Buzzword


So, those things about freeing the slaves and ending the holocaust were just overblown reactions to a buzzword?

Reacting to a report that says Obamacare will lower work hours because it lowers the hourly threshold an American must work in order to obtain health care, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called "freedom" a "buzzword" on Tuesday.

"It's not anything but an added choice that they have that allows them more freedom, to use a certain buzzword, more choice," he said.

A cut in hours will force give people the freedom to choose whether to work harder for Obamacare or starve to death:

Jason Furman, Obama's chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, told the press in the same session that American workers choosing to work less was a net positive, comparing them to 95-year-olds on Social Security.

"This is a choice on the part of workers, and I have no doubt that if, for example, we got rid of Social Security and Medicare, there are many 95-year-olds that would choose to work more to avoid potentially starving or to give themselves an opportunity to get healthcare," he said.

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