February 05, 2014

Saudi Arabia Regime Change? Yes We Can!

So, you know, Saudi Arabia should evolve, become a democracy and relegate its royal family to figurehead status. Kind of like England did with the queen.

It would be a much more fair regime to the people of Saudi Arabia than its current Islamo-fascist dictatorship.

According to Saudi law I'm now a terrorist for saying that and they reserve the right to chop my head off for even suggesting such a thing.

Like saying maybe, "The Islamo-fascist slime bucket Saudi rulers who look the other way while billions of Saudi dollars go to al-Qaeda and other terrorists NEED TO GO."


"lets face it, the Saudi royal family only opposes al-Qaeda to the extent that it threatens themselves. When it threatens us. Meh."

That's now a crime in Saudi and they threaten to prosecute anyone, even foreigners, who break their silly rules.


Update: I'm upping the ante by dubbing the Saudi King Abdullah bin Needledick Al Saud.

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