February 04, 2014

Guys Flying al Qaeda Flags & Saddam Photos Don't Understand why US isn't Helping Them

So I'm watching pts. 1 & 2 of Vice Media's report on how the Syrian war is spilling over into Lebanon's second city, Tripoli. And amid the chaos of morons firing their AKs into the air among crowds of children (these people have never heard of Isaac Newton?) one of the leaders of the Sunni militia aks the US for weapons and aid.

Sunni militia leader in Lebanon asks for US help

This same guy has this poster up over his meat shop.

Saddam Hussein poster in Tripoli, Lebanon

And as he leads the reporter through the streets of Tripoli here's what you see.

al Qaeda Flag over Tripoli, Lebanon

And these posters.

al Qaeda posters in Tripoli, Lebanon

The translation you see in the image above talking about gangs killing children is not a reference to the al Qaeda posters on the wall. It's a reference to Syrian supporting militia across town.

And yet, this guy doesn't understand why the US isn't sending him weapons? That's a real head-scratcher right there.

Now, there are two more episodes of this short series from Vice Media, so maybe the reporter will say something in the next two episodes. But even though clear signs of al Qaeda support are everywhere the crew goes there isn't one mention of it in pts. 1 & 2. And we wonder why so many people are unclear on why US intervention in these cesspools in unwise?

Also: Arab Spring!

Someone ought to nominate Obama for a Nobel Peace Prize for "resetting" relations with the Arab world. That guy is fantastic!

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