February 03, 2014

Popcorn Levels: Critical -- al Qaeda Central Disowns Syrian Affiliate

Man, life is good. First, Seattle takes Denver to the woodshed and now this? Does anyone have that emergency number they print on the Cialis bottle handy?

Al Qaeda’s top leadership moved publicly on Monday to sever the organization’s relationship with its Syrian affiliate, which has been widely blamed in recent months for stoking rebel infighting in Syria’s civil war.....

According to a translation of the statement quoted by The Associated Press, Al Qaeda condemned the rebel infighting in Syria. “We distance ourselves from the sedition taking place among the mujahedeen factions and of the forbidden blood shed by any faction,” the statement was quoted as saying.

Angered by what they called the arrogant behavior of fighters loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the organization’s tendency to commandeer resources, other Syrian groups began to violently clash with it starting in late 2013.

In related news, a prominent pro-al Qaeda Saudi cleric who now lives in Syria has also disowned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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