February 03, 2014

129 Arrested at Mosque in Kenya

Wait, they preach violent jihad in a ... mosque? That's unpossible!

Police official Simon Simiyu told a Mombasa court on Monday the authorities plan to charge the 129 men with "being members of a terrorist group, namely al Shabaab".

It granted his request to keep them in detention for five days more for authorities to finish their investigations.

Police stormed the Mussa mosque in Majengo on Sunday after a tip that Muslim youths were being radicalized there by Islamists supporting al Shabaab, Somali militants allied with al Qaeda.

Security sources say the mosque has been at the heart of al Shabaab's attempts to radicalize disillusioned young Kenyan Muslims in recent years. Officers came under fire as they burst into the mosque, said police who seized laptops, DVDs and black banners emblazoned with jihadi slogans there.

And how did local Muslims react to the raid? They rioted, of course.

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