January 31, 2014

Google Chrome Spellchecker Advice: Help!

So about a month ago the automatic spellchecker thingy in Chroms stopped working. Which kind of sucks because I am the world's second worst speller (Howie is #1). I'm of that generation that learned whole reading from the get go which means I read very, very fast -- but spell poorly. We whole readers see words more like hyroglyphs then strings of letters and so we miss many of the nuances of spelling. Also, I often start a post and then have real work to do, so I go back a few minutes later and so you kind of miss the flow of the sentence and overlook grammatical errors.

I know, too many excuses.

But the point of this post is this: How do I turn the spell/grammar check function back on in Chrome?

UPDATE: Thanks to Balls in the comments for helping me out. In fact, I'm so happy, I would totally kiss Balls! Yes, I love me some Balls.

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