January 31, 2014

The Most Irresponsible Gun Report I've Ever Seen

A young person should never ever be allowed to handle a gun without first being instructed in the proper handling and dangers firearms, even if its unloaded and controlled.

First of all, some of these kids are too young for that to start with. But the instruction of don't ever touch a gun is totally inadequate and disingenuous. You might as well tell them to point it at their face and leave the room.

The first instruction should be what end the business end is and never to point that end at anything you don't intend to kill. Loaded or not.

I received my first rifle at around 6 and I was appalled at the level of recklessness in 20/20's anti gun propaganda report. Its a worthwhile endeavor to prevent young people from having access to firearms, so you're going to do what? Hand a pre-school kid a firearm? Insane!

Anti-gui zeal has gotten the better of ABC's judgement in this case, to allow uninstructed and unready young people to handle any firearm is just beyond the pale of stupidity.

Its like send your child to learn to ride his bike on an interstate highway, unsupervised.

Maybe Sawyer was dunk again? That might explain it, I dunno. Geesh.

Update: Newsbuster agrees:

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