January 30, 2014

Enterprise in 10 Years? No
Botany Bay in 10 Years? Probably

I was reading this Slate article that speculates that it will be centuries before we can build a Constitution class starship like the Enterprise. Even dropping hings like warp drive the construction is just too daunting

But I feel the right question is can we build a DY-100 class ship like the Botany Bay in ten years?

length 100 meters, weight 2.72 million kilograms, ship's complement 22, and chemical/fission propulsion.

A mass produced ship built on Earth that uses fission, chemical and ion propulsion for trips to carry people and cargo to near solar system destinations like say Ceres or Mars or Luna (the moon) even possibly Jupiter's moons in a convoy of ships.

The answer is obviously, Yes we can. Or could say if Obama had anything close to ambition.

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