January 30, 2014

Meanwhile in Baghdad

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ISIS suicide team assaults Iraqi ministry
By BILL ROGGIOJanuary 30, 2014

A suicide assault team likely from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, al Qaeda's branch inside Iraq, killed 24 people after attempting to storm the Transportation Ministry today.

A heavily armed team of six suicide bombers "took a number of hostages .. and killed nine of them inside the building, which was used to receive visiting delegations," Reuters reported. "It was not immediately known where the other eight victims died."

Iraqi security forces responded and killed the suicide assault team in a firefight. At least one policeman was killed while battling the insurgents, the National Iraqi News Agency reported.

While no group has claimed credit for today's attack, the ISIS is currently the only group in Iraq staging suicide assaults of this magnitude in the Iraqi capital. Ansar al Islam (or Ansar al Sunnah), another al Qaeda linked group that operates in Iraq, occasionally deploys suicide bombers against Iraqi security forces and civilian targets, but has yet to claim what the ISIS calls a "storming operation."

Obama said in the State of the Union that he would take the US off of a permanent war footing or out of a permanent state of war.

I'm cool with that but al-Qaeda apparently didn't get the memo.

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