January 28, 2014

Muslims Massacred at Mosque by Christian Extremists

I think I might be having a bout of some dyslexia. I keep mixing up my religions, and that whole mosque vs. church thing has always left me confused:

At least 22 parishioners of a Catholic parish in eastern Nigeria were "slaughtered" by Boko Haram attackers on Sunday, the bishop has told the BBC.
Stephen Dami Mamza, bishop of Yola, Nigeria, said parishioners from Waga Chakawa village described to him how attackers arrived in trucks near the end of mass. The intruders locked the church, fired guns at those trying to flee, and cut the throats of others, Mamza told the BBC. They set off bombs and for the next four hours, burned houses and took hostages, the bishop said.
When people try to equivocate between the Christian past and the Muslim present, I try to stay calm and not think of the fact that some people are too dumb to differentiate between past and present. Instead, I think of bunnies. Fluffy, cuddly bunnies. That soothes me. Those things taste good, real good. Mmmmm, bunnies ....

Thanks to Pat

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