January 28, 2014

Gun Clinging Bible Reading Redneck Tea Party Gun Culture Doesn't Kill Many People

But Hip Hop Urban Democrat Voting Gangstas do a lot better.

Headlines that blame a "gun culture" for the high rate of firearm- related homicides in the United States are not too difficult to locate (e.g., here, here, and here). The need to eliminate this "gun culture" is then used as justification for restriction of 2nd Amendment rights. What goes unmentioned about the so-called "gun culture" is its pervasiveness, or lack thereof, throughout our society as a whole. Even a casual reader of local news headlines should not be shocked to learn that firearm-related homicides are more prevalent in some neighborhoods than others. However, what may be shocking is the near exclusivity of firearm-related homicides to a small subset of neighborhoods; neighborhoods that vote predominately for Democrat candidates.
So the "gun culture" the left paints as the problem "gun culture" in America is not the actual problem. Its the more urbane "gun culture" that results in the highest rates of homicide.

But what are *Crips and Bloods really? An organized community?

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